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There is something to be said for the staycation. It’s cheap, relaxing, and familiar. But that last adjective, familiar, doesn’t have to define your staycation, there are easy ways to make your choice to spend a vacation at home an exciting experience.

You can visit a part of your city you’ve never been, or scour the internet to find everyday places you didn’t even know existed. Or you can find a company that has designed fun, interactive tours, like Stray Boots.

Stray Boots, the leader in mobile-guided urban games, enables LA inhabitants and visitors alike to discover the coolest parts of the city in a fun, interactive way. The three available tours, each lasting between 2-3 hours, create a fun-filled afternoon right in your own backyard.

How does it work?

Before starting the tour, users choose what part of the city they wish to explore. The game provides users with challenges and clues that guide them to points of interest, creating an on-the-go adventure that works much like a self-guided scavenger hunt. Best of all, the game actually teaches participants about the city as they visit each spot, so they get the information of a guided tour without the boringness and limitations. What’s more, players get to participate whenever they want and at their own pace; stopping to grab a bite to eat or a drink along the way!

Here is more information on the tours in LA:

  • Venice Beach: The Sand, The Surf, The Strange If people-watching is your thing, then Venice Beach is your spot. Cruise down the boardwalk and soak in the sounds, smells, and scenes of LA’s most eclectic crowds.
  • Hollywood: Star-Struck or Outta Luck Do you have what it takes to be a star? Here’s your chance to go on location and prove it! Discover the Hollywood of old and the glamour of today as you explore its most famous landmarks and forgotten gems.
  • Beverly Hills: Palm Trees & Celebrities If you crave the lifestyle of the rich and famous, then only Beverly Hills can quench your thirst. From mansions to Maseratis, you’ll see a wealth of wealth everywhere you go.

With the LA Star Treatment Package: Access to All Three Regular Game Zones package deal, you’ll get access to all 3 LA Game Zones at a discounted price ($20.00 per person). Once you activate, you’ll have a full year to play as many zones as you’d like, completely at your own pace. This package is great for being in LA for the holidays and New Year’s.

Stray Boots offers urban adventures in many major cities.

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