Sleep like you're staying at the Ritz Paris with this luxurious mattress topper

The Ritz Paris is arguably one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It recently reopened after being closed for a few years to remodel. Though I haven’t been back since the reopening, I did learn about a way you can sleep like a guest of the new Ritz Paris without making the trip to France.

The legendary hotel has partnered with Airweave—a Japanese mattress brand offering firm mattresses, mattress toppers, travel accessories, and duvets—to release the Ritz Paris Collection mattress topper, which features “innovative, ​airfiber​ material, offering optimal breathability, even distribution of pressure, and extra support” that imitates the hotel’s beds wherever you use it.

Airweave works with top athletes, businesses and institutions worldwide to find ways toward better sleep. All Airweave mattress pads are 100% washable and eco-friendly, and the Ritz Paris Collection meets TSA standards for carry-on luggage. Its “Dual mode” lets you choose a soft or firm surface by simply flipping the pad from one side to another. It’s currently retailing for $630. Other Airweave products are on sale for less on Amazon.

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