As the government shutdown rolls on, anyone with a Global Entry interview appointment coming up may be out of luck. As written on View from the Wing, “several readers have gotten emails and even personal phone calls letting them know their appointment cannot be honored.” The same experience was shared in a tweet by Tiffany Dowd:

These appointments often must be made months in advance due to demand, so a cancellation would be very frustrating. (Also of note in the VFTW story is the screenshot of one of those reader’s emails, which shows the cancellation notice being sent out to a whole slew of people with all of their emails visible in the “To” field.)

Anecdotally, not every appointment scheduled for the shutdown period has been cancelled, so if you have a Global Entry appointment coming up, the best move is probably to call your interview location and find out for sure. New applications, however, must wait until the government is open again, as noted by the TSA here.




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6 Comments On "How the Government Shutdown Is Affecting Global Entry Interview Appointments"
  1. Robin|

    Do you know if passport processing will be delayed?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I don’t know but I would think so

    2. Sida|

      Passport processing is not delayed according to the Department of State website.
      My wife just renewed her passport a couple weeks ago during the shutdown, we paid for expedited service and she got her passport back in 1.5 weeks.

  2. Austin|

    Wait, as far as I know all Global Entry Interview Offices are closed. Where did you hear that any are open? If there are any open in California I would love to know!

  3. Leighton Cavendish|

    Enrollment centers are closed…some airports are doing Enrollment on Arrival…others are not.
    They need to put a big banner stating the closure…or shut down the appointment site until things are back to normal. Officers are reassigned to other areas. Phones are not being answered at most enrollment centers.
    Complain to your elected representatives and to CBP at

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