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My Lola Scottevest jacket. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

If you know me, you know I get really excited about things that I love. If you ran into me this winter, you definitely heard me talking about my new Scottevest SeV Lola Jacket because it is like no other winter weather travel jacket I have owned before. I grew up in Connecticut and suffered through months of wintry winters of snow and ice, and our fashion always consisted of the best in North Face, L.L.Bean and Patagonia jackets. You had no other choice but to stay warm. My Lola jacket (one of so many styles) by Scottevest I can easily say is better perfected and more thoughtfully designed than any jacket I have owned, and makes me wonder why I would spend the same amount of money on any other jacket.

This jacket has 17 pockets that are skillfully sewn inside so that you never have to carry a purse or backpack. I love this jacket for skiing, hiking and traveling in colder climates. It is not only super cute with its yellow interior, peeping yellow lining, a classy logo, and accented zipper pulls, but I also don’t have to carry anything because it all fits in my soft, plush jacket.

My white coat with yellow lining includes an interior design with each pocket labeled with a symbol stitched near each it, so you know what the pocket could be used for. There is actually an eyeglass/sunglass elastic cord sewn to a cleaning cloth in one pocket, a spring extendable key holder for your keys in another pocket, a water bottle loop, a nice little perfect sleeve spot for lipstick or chapstick, a pen pocket, ID pocket, travel documents pocket, a small pad pocket for a Kindle, Nook or small notebook, and a large center back pocket.

But what makes this Scottevest jacket even more incredible is the TEC design (Technology Enabled Clothing). The pocket for your cell phone or iPod can then be hooked up through the jacket via specially designed conduits in the garment around the back of the neck. Truly hands-free incredible! The cords are organized and you can control your MP3 player or phone right through the fabric.

Cross-country skiing in Tahoe in my Lola Scottevest jacket. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

And they have perfected the jacket with a No-Bulge design for a streamlined look (important to me since I want to look skinny, not puffy and weighted down). You can cinch the hem and elastic cuffs keep out the cold. It is machine washable with 100% quilted nylon fabric and comes with a DuPont Teflon fabric protector that repels water and oil-based spills. Also, they have really soft, deep hand-warmer pockets.

I wore my jacket on my last adventure trip and several of the other travelers loved it so much that they bought numerous jackets from Scottevest, and then emailed me with their delight when their new products arrived. I first discovered the line because I was traveling in Mexico with a bunch of travel writers and they were all wearing gorgeous black jackets that could turn into vests—by Scottevest. In LA, I had a chance to meet the owner Scott Jordan, a former lawyer who started the company in 2000. He says he created SCOTTEVEST®/SeV to solve a very common problem: He needed a way to carry and organize all my gadgets and gear without a “man-purse.”

Priced at $190.00, the SeV Lola Jacket comes in fluff, rhapsody, and sparkle. Follow Scottevest on Facebook here or find a jacket that fits your lifestyle on their website here. They have stylish trench coats, windbreakers, hoodies, travel vests, fleeces and more. To see more photos of my Lola jacket in action, click here.

The Lola jacket by Scottevest TEC. (Photo credit:

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    Thank you for the great review! The Lola Jacket looks great on you!

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