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Everyone know that airplanes are dirty and during a pandemic, keeping your own personal space as clean and germ-free as possible can keep you healthier and make you more comfortable for your flight.

I’ve always traveled with disinfectant wipes and long before the pandemic, Johnny and I were those people, wiping everything down before we sat down. According to a flight attendant, these are the 7 dirtiest things on an airplane, so make sure you hit all the germ hotspots when you’re sanitizing your airplane seat.

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Wipes are great and up until now, have been a traveler’s best option. But these Trip Mitts are a brilliant idea and an easy thing to throw in your bag the next time you’re airport-bound.

According to the product description on “The problem with “wiping” is: No matter how hard you try, your fingers & hands always get caught up in the germ-crossfire. Especially when traveling in planes, trains and automobiles … a tray table, seat, arm rests, belt buckle, etc. have so many crevices filled with disgusting stuff.”

Yes! I couldn’t agree more … I don’t love wiping down surfaces and feeling like somehow, all those germs I’m trying to exterminate are still ending up on my hands.

Trip Mitts are a double-sided, one-size-fits-all sanitizing mitt that can be used to easily sanitize surfaces when you’re on the go, whether it’s your airplane seat or a restaurant table or the surfaces in a hotel room.

They come in three resealable pouches with 10 mitts per pack. Get more information here and buy Trip Mitts on Amazon here.

2 Comments On "Sanitize Your Airplane Seat, Restaurant Table and Hotel Room with Trip Mitts"
  1. Gary Booker|

    Hey Johnny,

    Do you know of any airline data anywhere that would help estimate how many people, after having made a reservation, are unable to keep their reservation because, just prior to departure, they tested positive for COVID? I’m asking because my company is reluctant to let us travel overseas for fear that, when preparing to fly home, we would test positive for COVID thus being forced to rebook our return flight and extend our overseas stay with the resulting financial burden to the organization.


    1. Johnny Jet|

      I don’t! sorry

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