I wrote about ROAM luggage back in October, when I first had the opportunity to take one of their beautiful, hard-sided suitcases for, well, a spin. I was an instant fan! You can read my full ROAM luggage review here.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, ROAM luggage is fully customizable. You can choose your own colors for virtually every element of the suitcase: the front shell, back shell, zipper, binding, wheels, handle and monogram patch. The end result is a totally unique bag that you’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll never see a duplicate of on the baggage carousel at the airport.

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The made-to-order bags are lightweight and durable and come in four sizes: a carry-on, a larger carry-on, a medium check-in and a large check-in. The best part of the ROAM experience is designing your own bag and choosing your own colors, but they’re currently running a sample sale of 40% off pre-designed carry-ons (The Jaunt and The Jaunt XL, their two carry-on sizes) so you can still enjoy one of these luxury bags but at a fraction of the cost.

The sample bags may have slight imperfections but come in an array of fun designs as well as a lifetime guarantee. The sale runs from July 16-18. If you’d rather design your own custom bag, use this link to get $50 off your purchase.

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  1. David Miller|

    As nice as they seem to be, they are WAY overpriced – even when on sale at a discount. Apparently some people have more money then sense…

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