Updated: Click here for a replay of Paris’ incredible 2021 New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

Happy (almost!) New Year! The countdown is on and depending on where you live, 2021 is just hours or maybe even minutes away! That’s why I’m featuring some of my favorite webcams from around the world. If, like me, you’ll be welcoming the New Year from home, you can at least get a feel for what’s going on around the world. We normally spend New Year’s Eve in Hawaii but this year, of course, is different.

The World Live
One of my favorite webcams is The World Live by EarthTV, which I featured in June when I wrote about how I’m getting my travel fix from home since I’m not traveling. You can watch it on your computer or TV (it’s so much better on TV). I put it on mute because the EarthGrooves music isn’t really to my taste but seeing live webcams from around the world, which change every 15 seconds, elicits from me the same reaction that cartoons do from my four-year-old boy … he just stops in his tracks. I also love the fact that EarthTV shows the current time, weather (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit), wind speed, and more information about the place you’re looking at. Plus, they just added a nifty little feature showing ‘Happy New Year’ written in all different languages and a countdown to 2021 at the destination so you know how many hours and minutes you have before you start seeing fireworks (hopefully). Check out these amazing webcams from around the world here. Here’s a new camera with 2021 fireworks celebrations from around the world.

New York City Live Webcams
Since we can’t really visit NYC right now, we can still visit the Big Apple virtually. I originally wrote this article so that we could all see the snow from the major snowstorm a couple of weeks ago but it’s also a great way to see the behind-the-scenes action at Times Square as they set up for the televised celebration since revelers aren’t allowed in this year. Check out live webcams from New York City here.

Sydney, Australia
Without a doubt, if I had to live anywhere outside of California, my first choice would be Sydney, Australia and this webcam is the best I’ve seen. It takes up the whole page and is positioned in North Sydney (probably Copes Lookout) so you have a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world famous Sydney Opera House. Check out this incredible Sydney webcam here.

ICYMI: New Glasses For Color Blindness
Fortunately, I’m not color blind but my brother is so he tested these color blind glasses out and this is what he had to say. (Spoiler alert: He loved them.)

Phone running out of storage? No problem!
If your phone or tablet is always running out of storage, there’s a super simple solution that’s perfect for travelers. Read the story here.

My New Sunglasses
I posted a photo of me on the beach with my new Santa beard and sunglasses Tuesday on Instagram and my personal Facebook page and I had some friends (and family) ask me who makes my cool new shades. Here’s more information about them. They’re also 39% off today!

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