reader-travel-tip2Canada + Your Global Entry Card
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Corey of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who says:

“If you’re going to Canada and back to the US and have Global Entry (and not full NEXUS) be sure to carry your Global Entry card with you. Of course the Global Entry does nothing for you going into Canada, but on the return trip to the US you can access the Global Entry kiosk to get through US customs pre-clearance checkpoint with just your passport. Past the customs checkpoint is the standard security check point, where you need your Global Entry card to get into the NEXUS security line. Otherwise you get routed into the standard (and usually long) security line.”

You won’t need your card every time, but Corey’s right—they do ask for it sometimes (it’s happened to me), so if you have Global Entry, you should carry your card with you on your return to the U.S. just to be safe. Thanks for the tip, Corey!



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2 Comments On "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Canada + Your Global Entry Card"
  1. BlondeBrunetteTravel|

    At my interview for Global Entry I was told that the only time I could use the card for Canada was coming through the border in a car and only if I was the only person in the car or if everyone else also had (on them) a Global Entry card, so check the specifics if you’re planning to use it on a road trip.

  2. miss miss|

    Even more important to have your Global Entry card with you when crossing back into the US from Tijuana, Mexico (which is now safe btw). I had my passport not my card and they made me go to the end of the 4 hour line instead of walk right through the gate (1 minute) had I had my GE card with me. You just follow the signs that say SENTRI.

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