Consider this reader solution if you're running out of toilet paper
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Sandra T., who offered a creative solution for anyone running out of toilet paper and struggling to find it right now (don’t hoard it, by the way):

“Think outside the box…and get a bidet. My daughter found this resource on Amazon: Clear Rear for $29. We are still awaiting the product. We only have enough TP until the end of this month. Just wanted to share with you, because you have such an amazzzzzing newsletter and you are always giving great advice to your travelers, and have over the years.”

Once you go to Japan and stay in a hotel with a Toto toilet, you’ll realize it’s possible to never buy toilet paper again. The luxurious toilets or “washlets” there are high-tech devices that do practically everything you can imagine. They feature heated seats and have warm water cleansing modes, heated air dryers, adjustable cleansing wands, and more. Some even have a wireless remote and an automatic air purifier!

The washlets on Amazon range in price, with some as much as a couple thousand dollars. The Clear Rear is a much cheaper option at just $30. Thanks, Sandra!

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