Peter Greenberg on hotel fire safety

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I recently listened to an episode of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan’s podcast, called BUCKiT, with travel guru Peter Greenberg as the guest. It’s a good listen overall, but today’s tip comes from a moment about 23 minutes into the show. It concerns fire safety.

Peter, who’s also a volunteer fireman on Fire Island, tells Phil that if you’re ever in a hotel bed and the fire alarm goes off, you shouldn’t stand up. Instead, he says, you should roll out of the bed onto the floor. If you stand up, meanwhile, the toxic fumes from the fire could kill you.

Once on the ground, you should next crawl to the door to check if the door is hot. If the door is hot or you smell smoke, you should wet a towel and put it under the door. Then, you should turn on the hot water in the shower and tub because the resulting steam will capture a lot of the particulates that you don’t want to inhale.

For the full segment with Peter Greenberg’s fires safety tips and much more, you can listen here.

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