maple-matchIf your candidate doesn’t win the election today, here’s an app you’ll want to download. Maple Match (MM) will make it easier for you to marry a Canadian and get the heck out like you’ve been threatening to do on Facebook for the past few weeks (or months). Maple Match is a swipe-free experience designed to make your dream of a lover on the other side of the 49th parallel a dream come true. It’s free to use, currently only on iOS, and available in both the US and Canada.

Fortunately, I married a Canadian without the help of an app, but I can tell you it was the best decision of my life. Not that there’s anything wrong with American women, but it’s definitely a perk to be able to live in another country if you don’t agree with the government. Keep in mind that the process of getting Natalie a Visa wasn’t easy (here’s that story) so hopefully the process of moving to Canada is easier.

2 Comments On "On Election Day, Here's How to Meet a Canadian Partner and Flee the Country"
  1. Ray|

    Stay strong, America! The rest of the World already knows you are great.

  2. Julie @ Girl on the Move|

    This is one of the best election day posts I’ve seen!

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