Bad news for travelers in the Big Apple. According to Timeout: “The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) just put forth a new proposal that would raise the cost of riding a New York City yellow taxi by roughly 23%. Specifically, the base fare and surcharges for any ride would increase from $3.30 to $4.50. Driver pay would also go up by 29% and flat-fare trips from John F. Kennedy Airport to Manhattan would go from costing $52 to $65.”

This is obviously a big deal as it would be the first hike for New York City cabs in a decade. The proposal is good news not only for taxi drivers but for Uber and Lyft drivers as well since the TLC is also suggesting increasing the minimum wage for them as well.

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David Do, the TLC commissioner, said in an official statement: “Our proposals to increase taxi fares and driver pay will ensure that drivers can cover their increased expenses while continuing to provide mobility options across the five boroughs.”

We will find out if the proposals pass on October 6 (many industry experts believe it will). Once approved, the fares will go up within 30 days. For now, the current taxi fare between the Big Apple and New York City airports is as follows (per NYC Taxi & Limousine Commision):

  • Airport Access Fee
    • Taxi: $1.25 for pick up only at LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy Airports
    • FHV (For Hire Vehicle): $2.50 for both drop off and pick up at LaGuardia, Newark, and John F. Kennedy airports
  • Trips to and from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) are charged the standard metered fare.
  • Trips between Manhattan and John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) in either direction:
    • $52
    • Plus 50 cents MTA State Surcharge.
    • Plus 30 cents Improvement Surcharge.
    • $4.50 rush hour surcharge (4pm to 8pm weekdays, excluding legal holidays).
    • Plus New York State Congestion Surcharge of $2.50 (Yellow Taxi) or $2.75 (Green Taxi and FHV) or 75 cents (any shared ride) for all trips that begin, end or pass through Manhattan south of 96th Street.
    • Plus tips and any tolls.
    • The on-screen rate message should read “Rate #2- JFK Airport.”
  • Trips between John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) and other New York City destinations are charged the standard metered fare.
  • Trips to Newark Airport (EWR):
    • Standard metered fare.
    • Plus $17.50 Newark Surcharge.
    • Plus tip and tolls to and from EWR (passengers are charged for the drivers’ return tolls).
    • The on-screen rate message should read “Rate #3 – Newark Airport.”

Personally, I take Blacklane between the city and airports because I’m one of their brand ambassadors and they’re a reliable car service. But before I partnered with them (prior to Covid), I would either take an Uber or if I didn’t have a lot of bags, I would often take the AirTrain ($5) to Jamaica Station and then either the E Train ($2.75) to Manhattan’s East Side or LIRR to Penn Station (fares range between $7.75 to $17 depending on the time of day). What’s your favorite way to/from NY airports and Manhattan? RELATED: A Great, Free App to Help You Get Around on the NYC Subway

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