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Last year I met filmmaker Steven C. Barber on a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles. He was returning from the Toronto film festival where he was gaining interest for his latest project called “Until They Are Home”. It’s about finally bringing some closure after 69 years to The Battle of Tarawa. US remains were flown back in a C-130 with a C-17 transfer back to Honolulu. Barber’s sequel of Return To Tarawa (Ed Harris) is the amazing story of the young men and women of JPAC that embed themselves in beyond rugged and brutal conditions in order to bring our fallen service members home.

JPAC Team members are the unsung heroes that until now have been unrecognized and have worked in the shadows. That is about to change. “Until They Are Home” is narrated by actor Kelsey Grammer. Barber says with more than 80,000 American MIAs on foreign soil, more money and attention needs to be brought to the mission to bring the remains home to family members.

You can find the trailer on YouTube and an online petition to Congress at

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