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These days I do almost everything digitally, except for one thing: write in my plush leather travel journal. I buy one every year and have been doing so since the 1990s. If you ever sit next to me on a plane, you’ll see that the moment I take my seat, I open up my travel journal and begin writing like a madman. I write the destination, date, airline, type of aircraft, seat number, listed departure time, actual departure time, flight time, miles, what I did on the trip, where I ate, how much I spent, transportation modes, weather, and so on.

I know it’s kind of Rainman-esque, but I began doing it when I was afraid to fly as it helped me focus my mind on something else. Now, it helps me remember all the details of my trip and makes for a great keepsake. I discovered World Travel Journals at Barney’s New York but now I can buy it online at Amazon. The 320-page World Travel Journals make great gifts, too, since they have 76 pages of maps (all continents, Pacific, Polar regions, Caribbean, and city maps of major cities from around the world). There’s a directory of foreign embassies in the U.S., international air distances, country specific information (capital, currency, language, religion), and a whole lot more. You can also personalize them; mine reads “Johnny Jet” on the bottom-right-hand corner. They come in different colors and they are 4-3/8″ x 6″ in size. They cost $50.

3 Comments On "My Plush-Leather Travel Journal of Choice"
  1. LaLa|

    I love my travel journal! I even write in pencil still! Digital can’t beat having the physical writing and ephemera that you can keep in a journal.

  2. M. Rosenfeld|

    Leather bound travel journal – what an incredible waste of money. Here in LA I go to the local Daiso store and buy a good quality notebook for under 2 bucks that I take with me when I travel. I guess some people have no sense of value.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Or no sense of style

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