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As someone who loves to travel, I owe a lot to credit cards. Credit cards have helped me and countless others accrue tons of miles and airline points to help make our travel dreams a reality. I’ve had many Canadian readers complain that they couldn’t apply for past cards I’ve recommended since they were only offered to US citizens. Well, good news for our northern neighbors: We now have access to Scotia Banks credit cards, my favorite of which are listed below. Keep in mind: If you cannot pay your credit cards off each month in their entirety then do NOT get a travel rewards card because the APRs are often way too high.

If you’re American, the link to our US offers can be found on this page.

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3 Comments On "My Favorite Travel Credit Cards for Canadians"
  1. Dave Pohl|

    I don’t know if it’s my computer blocking your postings or if it’s your web site but I can find no link to Scotia Bank and when I follow the link to US cards there are none listed.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Are you using Chrome? It’s Javascript so it might be blocking it. Try a different browser

      1. Dave Pohl|

        That was a good guess.

        I do have Java on the computer.

        My default browser is Firefox and I also tried Internet Explorer and neither of them displayed the second part of your post but when I viewed it in Chrome it displayed fine.

        If you were a baseball player, batting 333 would be great :)


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