Moon New York City guide

Moon New York City guide

The options in New York City are endless. If you’re just visiting, deciding where to eat a single meal can be overwhelming, let alone where to see good jazz or comedy, grab a creative cocktail or catch Broadway-level theater without racking up debt. And what if you want to see the outer boroughs? Manhattan is great, but there’s even more to discover across the East River, above Central Park and even across New York Harbor in Staten Island.

As a journalist and a native New Yorker, Christopher Kompanek is a great source of New York City knowledge, and he’s packed that knowledge into 350 pages for “Moon New York City,” a New York City guide that comes out on June 18. You can pre-order it now on

Moon’s New York City guide includes colorful neighborhood maps, suggested walking itineraries (including through Central Park, which is massive), best bets for a good slice of pizza, dimly lit spaces to spend nights that last until morning, and a whole lot in between—like Williamsburg’s home for whiskey-and-grilled-cheese pairings.

Grab it: Grab “Moon New York City” by Christopher Kompanek for $19.99.

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