One thing business travelers do often is eat out. Until I got married, I didn’t cook a single meal in my house with the exception of occasionally popping something frozen in the oven or microwave. For that reason, one of my favorite things about going to see my siblings or cousins was getting to eat a home-cooked meal, which was something I longed for but just didn’t have time or patience for. Cooking from scratch is not only no fun (to me), but it also doesn’t make financial sense for someone who only pops in and out of their house every 1-3 weeks. That’s why I constantly ate out.

I know some people dream of eating out every meal, but for most road warriors that’s the last thing they want to do when they return home. Well, thanks to the many companies popping up that deliver pre-made fresh meals where everything has been sliced, diced and portioned, they can do it. I know the restaurants hate is since they are no doubt losing business.

Now business travelers can get online and choose a dish they want and have it delivered to their homes or their long-term residences in just a few clicks. One of the best companies—according to one of my friends that has tried them all—is Fresh Realm, which doesn’t require a subscription. They use a reusable vessel that will keep things fresh in case your flight is late. Everything comes fully prepped so you can choose meals based on the time you have, whether that’s three or 30 minutes. Some meals can be put it in the microwave so you don’t need to do much and still have a better-tasting meal than that frozen TV dinner.

Since Fresh Realm is so new, it currently has an offer that is almost too good to turn down. After signing up (you can even do it using Facebook or Google, so just two clicks), you’ll get $20 off of your first order if you use my unique link! (Full disclosure: After you make your first order they will credit my account $20 towards their services. Once you sign up, I suggest you grab your own referral link and send it to your friends and family so you get the credit.)

Happy eating!

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