How to make a low-tech waterproof case for your phoneToday’s tip is in the theme of yesterday’s, which focused on what to do if your smartphone gets wet. If you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of sand or water (to the beach, on a boat…), it’s a smart idea to bring a waterproof case or cover for your phone (a LifeProof case, for example). If you don’t have one, USA TODAY offers a cheap and easy alternative in this story. As written there:

“In Hawaii as Hurricane Lane was bearing down on the islands, many first responders made sure to grab a stash of sandwich-sized resealable plastic bags and keep them in a pocket or bag. Once it started raining, they put their phone in one of the bags, pushed the air out and then zipped it up — holding the resulting bundle together with a rubber band. This, they explained, was a low-tech waterproof covering for their phones. They still had to take the phone out when making a call, but if they had to wade through water or got soaked as the rain poured down, they had some hope of keeping their smartphone dry.”

It’s not perfect, but it could help if you’re in a pickle.



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