Unfortunately, it looks like 2021’s most popular travel trend isn’t going away. Trip stacking is when travelers book back-to-back vacations to more than one location.

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, travelers don’t want to risk not getting away so they have at least one backup plan. Usually, the first trip is their number one choice that’s more risky like going on a safari, cruise or to Europe. Then their backup plan might be going to California or Florida.

That way, if COVID is raging in one place or if the original destination’s entry requirements have changed, folks won’t have to scramble or miss out.

There are multiple ways people can trip stack. One is by having a travel advisor/agent arrange everything for you. This is more for luxurious trips.

According to the Washington Post, “While advisers can plan around travel restrictions to avoid cancellations, they may use trip stacking to help clients navigate volatility in hotel vacancies, inflating travel costs and opening delays for big resorts.”

If I was doing my own trip stacking, which I have, I would book a flight on an airline that I know I will use the travel credit on. For example, instead of booking a trip on an international airline like Air France, British Airways or Singapore Airlines, I would book it on American, Delta or United. That way, if my first choice doesn’t work out, I can use that credit for a domestic flight, something I obviously couldn’t do on an international carrier. Or I would use miles or points for the backup since they usually have less restrictions and can be fully refundable.

Trip stacking wouldn’t work for booking vacation homes or resorts since they have more restrictive cancellation policies so you would need to book a hotel that could be fully refundable or wait until the last minute to book your lodging.

I am hopeful that 2022 will be much less restrictive for international travel but only time will tell. So far, it’s not starting out that way so like everything, it’s great to have a backup plan or a trip stacked.

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