A few days ago American Airlines sent me an email with the subject line “John’s 2018 year in review.” I think they sent it to all of their elite members since my wife received one too and she is just Gold. My son didn’t get one as he’s just shy of elite status since we usually use miles for his tickets.

The email opened with, “It’s been said that so much of who we are is where we have been. We hope you’ve enjoyed where we’ve taken you this year and are grateful you’ve chosen to spend so much of your time with us in the skies. Here’s a 30,000-foot view of our time together this year:”

Then they broke down all of my flying on American Airlines and their OneWorld partners, which went like this:

Hours in the sky: 168
Times flown around the world: 3
Destinations visited: 14
Most visited destinations: Los Angeles, Miami, New York
Furthest flight taken: Honolulu — Phoenix (2,918 miles)
Type of aircraft most flown: A321
Earned Executive Platinum status: November 27
Times flown to the sun by all Executive Platinum members: 103
Bonus miles from elite status: 74,892
Award miles earned without flying: 38,628
Upgrades received: 15+
Checked-bag savings: $1,425

The email closed with “It’s an honor to be your airline of choice. Together, the sky’s the limit in 2019.” And encouraged customers to share their travels on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #2018from30kfeet.

As Gary Leff pointed out that was a big mistake because the preprogrammed share included each users mileage number and email address so accounts could’ve been easily compromised. American quickly emailed customers that shared it and told them to delete the share and monitor their accounts.

Fortunately, I didn’t share.

FYI: A couple of months ago I didn’t think I was going to requalify for Executive Platinum status and I wrote a post about it. However, a few days later a client offered to fly me across country in First Class which put me over the top. Not sure I will make it next year since the spend has increased to $15,000 and AA has discontinued their LAX-YYZ nonstop which I fly frequently.

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Did you receive an email too? If you like fill out your info using the template below and post in your comments section with your current AA status for 2018 and 2019.

Hours in the sky:
Times flown around the world:
Destinations visited:
Most visited destinations:
Furthest flight taken:
Type of aircraft most flown:
Earned ??? status:
Times flown to the sun by all Executive Platinum members:
Bonus miles from elite status:
Award miles earned without flying:
Upgrades received:
Checked-bag savings:

Happy New Year and travels!

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    I enjoyed your post and stats, and congrats on achieving Executive Platinum. Read my blog post about my AA 2018 year in review:

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