By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the free once-a-day word game, Wordle and you’re either addicted to it or are sick of seeing friends post their daily results on social media. I’m both. I play every day but don’t understand why people share their results unless they get it in one or two tries. Here’s more on Wordle.

Well, if you love Wordle and geography then I think you’re going to love this free spinoff game. According to the Washington Post: “Worldle was inspired by Wordle, according to its creator, Antoine Teuf, a 31-year-old Web and video game developer who lives in Montpellier, France — but it is not the same game.”

Teuf told the Post he doesn’t want Worldle to be seen as “a copy of the original Wordle game” but rather a “tribute” to it. In his game, it too gives players six chances to guess a daily word. However, there are a couple of twists.

Each day, a picture of a country or territory is displayed. I thought I knew geography well until I started playing this game because it’s difficult to know the shape of a country when it’s not shown in its location. Unless, of course, the country is the U.S., Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia or a few others that are more instantly recognizable.

So Worldle really helps you hone your geography skills and what’s even better is that with each guess, it tells you a percentage of how close you are, as well as how far you are and in which direction it is from the correct country on a map.

Just like Wordle, you can share your results without giving away the clue. Here’s a screenshot of my game from today (April 16, 2022). Spoiler alert: Below, I will embed my words from today’s puzzle so don’t scroll down until you play but it will help you understand better when you play tomorrow’s game.

#Worldle #85 4/6 (100%)

What I didn’t realize until reading the Washington Post article is that “Worldle users can make the game more challenging by choosing to either hide the image of the country or territory, or to rotate the image in a random direction.”

Here’s today’s puzzle:

Happy Worldling!

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