If you ask any seasoned American traveler if they could be in any country right now where would it be, I’m betting many would say New Zealand, thanks to their Prime Minister for arguably managing COVID-19 better than any other country in the world. They went 102 days without a single case and are aggressive at keeping it at bay.

Obviously, U.S. travelers are unable to visit New Zealand right now but that hasn’t stopped Tourism New Zealand from continuing marketing and keeping the island country on everyone’s mind. How do you achieve that during a global pandemic? Launch a Spotify channel.

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Their very first album is called ‘Mindful Journeys’ and features four meditative audio tracks. According to the press release, “the album has been carefully designed to transport listeners virtually to New Zealand as the sound of nature is proven to help us relax. Through the soundscapes, listeners will journey through the North and South Islands, being calmed by sounds unique to New Zealand including native birds, bubbling geothermal mud pools, and a gentle breeze moving through the forest.”

Album Overview 

  • North Island – Far North to Rotorua (x1 narrated in English, x1 non-narrated): Begin your journey on the iconic beaches of the upper North Island, listening to the gentle sounds of surf and seabirds. With the breeze move into our forests, hearing the native birds and insects as well as the soft noises of the forest floor. Traveling through the earthy sounds of the bush, emerge in the geothermal area of Rotorua. Steaming water, bubbling mud pools and the distinctive rush of the natural geysers can be heard.
  • South Island – Marlborough Sounds to the Canterbury Plains (x1 narrated in English, x1 non-narrated): Start off in the gentle lapping waters of the Marlborough sounds, then head down the rugged beaches of New Zealand’s West Coast. Stop off at the Punakaiki Rocks, with their distinctive sounding blow holes. Move inland, briefly traveling through the foothills, up into the Southern Alps where we are in mountainous air, wind whips and distant keas call. Then head down the other side via one of the many rivers that is fed by the mountain range. End up in the peace of a Central Otago valley, with regional birds and insects keeping things rich and textured.

The four tracks are short, only six and seven minutes in length so it’s for a short escape unless you run it on a loop. To listen, either click here or search 100% Pure New Zealand on Spotify.

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