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I may be in Los Angeles but it feels like New York City at my house and that’s not because of the weather! It’s because I ordered pizzas from one of my favorite New York City restaurants, Rubirosa, via Goldbelly. I wrote about Goldbelly not long ago since I only discovered them during the pandemic, watching way too much YouTube (I had to get my travel fix somehow!)

Goldbelly has been around since 2013 but in short, you can order pretty much any popular foods from the most famous places around the country: Pat’s Original Philly Cheesesteak, Joe’s KC BBQ, Guy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Trash Can Nachos, Ess-a-Bagel, Joe’s Pizza from NYC or even cannolis from Ferrara Bakery, banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and cheesecake from Juniors. This is just a tiny sampling of everything they offer for delivery.

It’s not cheap but one of the premium credit cards I use has a promotion: If you spend $100, you get $50 back, up to three times before June 30. So, I’ve been making good with it. On top of that, I’m part of Goldbelly’s affiliate program so you will get $15 off your first order and I’ll get a $15 credit. Use this Goldbelly link to claim your credit.

Shipping can be pricey but the secret is to browse their sale items, which have free shipping. Then it’s a deal. For example, right now, Chicago pizzas are on sale so if you’re into deep dish, then you can get five (count them, 5!) Gino’s East Deep Dish Chicago Pizza for $89.

My four New York-style pizzas from Rubirosa cost $119 but after the credit card promotion and referral fee credit, it only cost me $54, which is awesome for four New York pizzas delivered to my door in Los Angeles.

For some reason, Rubirosa doesn’t ship often and there was a month-long waiting list for delivery. However, the pizzas are the perfect size; they fit in the freezer and are big enough for two adults. Unfortunately, I overcooked the one I put immediately in the oven and the crust was way too crispy. For the next one, I will reheat it less than the 15 minutes they suggested. The pizzas last up to two months in the freezer but I’m half-Italian and a pizza fanatic so you know they’re not going to last that long!

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  1. John Johnston|

    Lou Malnati’s Pizza in Chicago has been shipping worldwide for years. Chicago style!

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