workfromMore and more people are working from home these days, my wife and I included. According to Forbes, it’s estimated that one in five Americans works from home. However, not everyone really works at home. I know tons of people that prefer to work in a public space like Starbucks. Then there are those who travel a lot and need an office-like facility so they can print or fax.

That’s where Workfrom comes in. It’s an online community that connects remote workers so they can find spaces that will help them be productive. All users need to do is input their location and search for the type of space they’re looking for (café, private, public), the noise level they want, outlet availability, and the Wi-Fi situation, and then after a few taps, they’ll see a list of nearby spots. They can also see who else has worked there.

Do you work from home? Have you used Workfrom? What types or work environments do you prefer?

H/T to the Boston Globe.

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  1. Sice|

    I’ve worked from home for the past 1.5 years and love it. But I also have a dedicated office room in my house, I can easily close the door and have a nice, quiet, and manageable office. When I travel I’m able to work wherever since I don’t need access to printer/fax or anything more old school.

    And I will say that it took my wife awhile to get used to me being around but she loves it now.

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