Honolulu-Sydney $199 o/w nonstop on Boeing 787 @JetstarAirways starts Mar 26. It’s a little more on the return, $248.
JetstarHere’s a screen shot of the deal which can be found on Jetstar.com. BTW: I’ve flown Jetstar multiple times including from Honolulu to Sydney but we paid extra to sit up front. It’s a low-fare carrier so it’s tight and they charge for everything.

4 Comments On "Honolulu-Sydney $199 O/W Nonstop on Boeing 787"
  1. Big D|

    Is Jet Star like Spririt ? Charging for carry on, printing of boarding passes? What kind of seats for an 8 hour flight ?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They aren’t as bad but similar

  2. John the Wanderer|

    That is a really cheap price. How much more did you pay to upgrade to the nicer cabin when you took the airline? Do they offer last minute buys up at reasonable prices?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I can’t remember but I think it was $400

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