Great news! I’ve just been named one of American Express’ star travel bloggers to show the benefits of the Starwood American Express card. Almost every frequent traveler carries one of these bad boys in their wallets since their points can be redeemed for both airline miles and hotel stays. The deal I worked out is that they will provide me (and a guest!) with some really cool experiences like:

And the greatest part of the deal is that for each event I attend, you get to have a similar experience which will also be covered by American Express. The giveaways include:

I’ll announce the details of each giveaway as I recap each of my experiences and the first one will be next week as I’m going to the Tribeca Film Festival on Tuesday night with my dad. Some of the giveaways will be run through, while others will be run via my Twitter and Facebook so be sure to follow and subscribe to my updates.

All of these should be incredible experiences for everyone so thank you Starwood American Express for including us!

11 Comments On "Guess who is the new "star travel blogger" for American Express?"
  1. Emilygv|

    Congratulations on the honor! I will be following your blog, as well as your Twitter and Facebook pages, and hope to be a lucky winner!

  2. Ann|

    OMG Congratulations! That’s amazing! NY Fashion Week – how exciting =)

  3. CJ|

    Congrats! We will share on our FB page your giveaway! I am sure your super stoked and excited!

  4. Kara @ The Vacation Gals|

    Cool – my buddy Jen Miner of The Vacation Gals is also a Star Blogger for AMEX. Trying to get her to take me to the U.S. Open this year… ;-)

  5. Jen|

    Congratulations, Johnny. Well deserved. Should your fiancee have absolutely NO INTEREST in the Tribeca Film Festival, I’m happy to be your wingwoman.

  6. Jennifer|

    I’m one of the “Amex Stars” this year, too, Johnny. It’ll be fun seeing you at these events (except I have to miss the Tribeca Film Festival). See you soon!

  7. JD Andrews|

    Congrats!!! Very cool!

  8. Anonymous|

    Congratulations and well deserved!!

  9. Richelle|

    Congratulations on your new status! I enjoy following your blog and look forward to hearing more about your adventures going to these interesting events.

  10. Stacey G.|

    Congrats…I have been following you for 5 years now…much deserved…and I ALWAYS use my Am Ex for my travels.

  11. Chrissy Travels|

    Congrats on the honor, Johnny! Looking forward to following your journey with American Express.

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