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Video retail app YEAY has released a new analysis of tattoos around the world and the rise of tattoo tourism. Yes, that’s right, tattoos and tourism!

The Global Tattoo Trend Index came about when YEAY noticed an increase in purchases of tattoo gift certificates. The result is an unexpected set of data from which the tattoo-inclined—and the rest—can learn a little about the world. You never know if you’ll be traveling through a destination where the popularity of tattoos could be an interesting bit of information. Or perhaps you’ll make a travel decision based on the cheapest and most easily accessible tattoo artists!

The chart below looks at the percentages of tattoos purchased by tourists and as gifts, as well as a breakdown of where the tattoos that were gifts came from.

Credit: YEAY
Credit: YEAY

By the looks of it, tourists buy a great deal of tattoos in #3 Miami and #7 Las Vegas in the U.S. More charts and information on the tattoo and related travel can be found here.

Other fun facts from the Tattoo Trend Index:

  • The city with the most parlors per capita was Miami Beach, USA with 28.48 per 100,000 citizens.
  • The city with the cheapest tattoo parlors was Colombo, Sri Lanka at an average cost of $22 per hour.
  • The city with the most expensive tattoos was San Francisco at an average cost of $280 per hour.
  • Denpasar, Indonesia was the city where tattoos were most likely to be purchased by visitors at 99% likelihood.
  • Tahiti, French Polynesia and Auckland, New Zealand were found to be the cities where tattoos are most likely to be gifted at 60%.
  • Gifted tattoos are most likely to be given by parents in Delhi, India (60%), other family in Milan, Italy (50%), from friends in Reykjavik, Iceland (90%) and from a partner in Madrid, Spain and Córdoba, Argentina (99%).

What do you think? Will you be a part of tattoo tourism?

3 Comments On "Global Tattoo Trend Index Reveals Top Places for Tattoo Tourism"
  1. William Chinn|

    If you are thinking of a tattoo, please be advised there are jobs where tattoos cannot show under your clothes. Also onsens (Hot springs) in Japan may refuse your patronage if you have a tattoo. Also in Japan, there are schools which will disqualify you for hire if you have a tattoo. This is why the painful removal of tattoos is a growing business as is tattoo makeup cover.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Wow! Good to know. I’m not a tattoo fan.

  2. Ningsi|

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