TravelCar: free airport parkingWant free airport parking? Listen up. TravelCar, a French global innovator in airport parking and car sharing for travelers has entered the U.S. market. TravelCar provides travelers free airport parking and helps them earn money by renting out their cars to other travelers while they are away. The company has been around since 2012 and currently operates in 200 locations in 30 countries. My home airport, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), will be their first U.S. operation.

TravelCar offers three kinds of services to travelers:

  1. Car owners who agree their car can be rented by other travelers benefit from free airport parking. If their vehicle is rented, the car owner is paid for every mile driven. Owners’ cars are protected with $1 million in liability insurance and covered against theft and physical damage. If a car is not rented, owners still get free parking.
  2. Travelers looking to rent a vehicle can get access to a private car for up to 70% less than traditional rental car companies.
  3. Car owners who prefer not to share their car will receive the lowest airport parking rates guaranteed.

This month, TravelCar plans to open in San Francisco and then eight additional markets before the end of the year. The free app is available on both Android and iOS.

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  1. Kelly|

    Hi Johnny, have you heard of parkingaccess $1 per day parking offer? Wanted to learn more if it is legit or not?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Never heard of it

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