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If you were to stumble upon any photos of me from the ’90s you’d most likely see me wearing a fanny pack. That’s because I used to carry around multiple inhalers, a thick wallet, keys, a mini flashlight, a camera, money, a cell phone, lip balm and who knows what else. I know it looked ridiculous but it really made carrying all my stuff so much easier and safer. And they were sort of in style back then.

Then fanny packs became a major fashion faux pas but thankfully, they’re back, also known as belt bags, my wife tells me. But whether they’re in style or not, they’re definitely a handy accessory for travelers, whether you’re traveling abroad, going out on a day trip or just spending the day at the beach.

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Since we live near the beach, we go often. We usually hang out on a safe beach but you just never know so we never leave our valuables in the backpack we bring with the kids’ change of clothes, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, etc. When we’re away from our stuff, playing by the shoreline, walking or frolicking in the water, we put all of our valuables like money, phones and keys into a fanny pack like the one pictured above. That way, you can step away from your beach towel and umbrella and not worry about valuables left behind.

I’m no expert on what’s stylish and what’s not but my wife recommends this fanny pack (or belt bag), which you can wear around your waist or cross-body. It comes in lots of colors and is durable. You can check out other fanny pack options here.

More Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe at the Beach
I’ve written about keeping your stuff safe at the beach multiple times. There’s this idea that will really deter would-be thieves as well as this one, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, about a popular beach/pool safe that was featured on SharkTank. But I still prefer keeping my valuables (i.e. car key, phone, wallet…) with me on my person.

However, if I was alone on a crowded beach and couldn’t find anyone to watch my stuff, I would use a wearable waterproof pouch.

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