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The American Express® Green Card is a flexible travel credit card that earns 3x Membership Rewards on several purchase categories. Many also consider this product to be an entry-level travel credit card, which may imply a low credit limit. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy an annual CLEAR and LoungeBuddy credit.

Here is how much the credit limit on the Amex Green can be.

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Minimum Credit Limit for the Amex Green Card

The Amex Green Card is a charge card so it doesn’t have a preset spending limit and it depends on several factors, including:

  • Credit history
  • Payment history
  • Purchase history

Amex doesn’t disclose its other consideration factors.

Here is what the Amex Green Card’s terms and conditions say about your purchasing power, “No Preset Spending Limit means your spending limit is flexible. Unlike a traditional card with a set limit, the amount you can spend adapts based on factors such as your purchase, payment, and credit history.

You won’t have unlimited spending power, but it can be higher than a traditional credit card when you consistently have a high balance and pay it off on time.

Finding out how much you can spend at a time can be a process of trial and error and see if the transaction clears. Blackopz points out that the total spending threshold is approximately three times your highest paid monthly balance in the last six months.

If you’re planning on making a large purchase, you can also inquire with American Express first. There may also be a “check spending power” button in your account dashboard.

You should pay your balance in full each month to avoid monthly interest charges. Carrying a balance may also impact your credit score.

The American Express® Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express don’t enact preset spending limits either.

Pay Over Time Limit

When getting approved, you won’t see a spending limit, but you will see a Pay Over Time limit which is similar to a purchase APR or a buy now pay later program. Eligible balances are repaid with a fixed monthly fee.

American Express defines this limit as follows, “We assign a Pay Over Time Limit to your Account. The Pay Over Time Limit applies to the total of your Pay Over Time, Cash Advance, and Plan balances.” The issuer also clearly states this threshold isn’t a total spending limit for your card.

There are relatively few data points for this financing limit, but it depends on your credit history.

For example, tarlej17 was approved for a $10,000 Pay Over Time limit with a 708 credit score. One of the lowest reported limits is $1,250 from Chazzay12.

This card can be an excellent option if you’re a big spender, but it’s probably best to pay off your balance on large purchase amounts as the Pay Over Time fees can be relatively expensive.

How to Get a Higher Amex Green Spending Limit

Here are several strategies to increase your spending power before or after getting the American Express Green Card.

Have Excellent Credit

American Express recommends having a minimum 700 credit score which is firmly in the good credit score range. A 740 credit score or higher increases your chances as you have excellent credit.

Pay Your Balance In Full

Paying more than the minimum amount due each month helps increase your spending power. Making sure you pay off the entire monthly statement balance provides the best results.

To avoid a potentially unaffordable end-of-month balance, consider making multiple payments during the current billing cycle. This strategy helps you avoid interest charges and keeps your card usage lower. At the same time, you have more available spending power to make new purchases.

Make Regular Purchases

Regularly using your card provides American Express with more accurate insights of your spending patterns. Having a consistent balance range can help increase your total spending power when you need to spend more in a particular month.

As one of your primary credit cards, you can also earn more rewards points on bonus categories that include travel, transit, and dining.

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Increase Your Income

To increase your credit limit on the Amex Green, you can also increase your income, though this can be easier said than done. Having a bigger income can also be beneficial as you can be more likely to afford your monthly payments. Credit card issuers routinely ask cardholders to update their annual income to qualify for automatic credit limit increases, for instance.

The concept is similar with this card as income is one of the factors that American Express uses to evaluate your application. It can also help once you’re an existing cardholder.


The American Express® Green Card doesn’t have a preset spending limit, but the bank may require you to reduce your balance to make large purchases or to continue spending once your current balance once it reaches a certain amount. While it’s not a spending limit, cardholders intending to carry a balance must pay attention to the Pay Over Time Limit.

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