Bring a bungee cord for added safetyEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Fred M., who says:

“I have a tip related to baggage snatching. If I have two or more bags, carry-on or check, that my wife and I must watch I bring a small bungee cord and wrap it through the handles. If one of us is left alone to watch the bags while the other is away this makes it difficult to snatch a bag and roll away with it if you are distracted. The bungee cord is easy and quick to put on, remove and store when you need to move.”

That’s a clever, unique tip. Thanks, Fred!




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4 Comments On "Bring a Bungee Cord for Added Safety"
  1. James Mesthene|

    I keep a Carabiner of the type rock climbers use, clipped to my carry-on’s shoulder strap.
    I can then clip the strap through any bag handle, chair leg, table leg etc.
    It weighs an ounce, is self-stored on the strap and is absurdly strong.

  2. Susan M|

    YES !. Had I thought of this earlier, a bungee cord would’ve kept my carry-on bag from being stolen. It was probably 6 inches from my hand, sitting on top of my large bag, on the luggage cart. Looking back, there was a distraction going on. I fell prey to all those things that I know to watch out for. Now I travel with a bungee cord at hand. Thank you!

  3. Randy|

    Hi Johnny;
    Be careful with bungee cords. I am a retired airline pilot and back in the day before everything had wheels we would strap our flight bag and suitcase to a luggage carrier with wheels. More than one pilot has been whacked in the face ( myself included). I fortunately was not injured but some have been. In any case this wouldn’t slow up the real pros for even a microsecond.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good tip!

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