David Neeleman, the founder and former CEO of JetBlue, is launching his fifth airline start-up, after JetBlue, Brazil’s Azul, Canada’s WestJet, and Utah-based Morris Air (later purchased by Southwest).

Breeze Airways is going to have 39 nonstop routes between 16 cities in the Southwest, Midwest, Southeast and Eastern US. The first flights will operate between Charleston, SC, Tampa, FL and Hartford, CT, starting May 27, with remaining destinations to be added each week through July 22, 2021. Flights are now on sale at flybreeze.com and the Breeze app, starting at $39 one way.

According to Breeze, 95 percent of their routes currently have no airline serving them nonstop. With no change or cancellation fees, up to 24-months of reusable flight credit and customized flight features delivered via the Breeze app, they’re trying to make it easier for people to fly.

The Fleet
Breeze will operate 13 single-class Embraer aircraft this summer, flying routes with an average flight length under two hours. The ten E190 jets will be configured to seat 108 passengers while the three E195 aircraft will have 118 seats. Travelers may choose from fares that include ‘Nice’ seats, or ‘Nicer’ seats with extra legroom. All Embraer aircraft will be a two-by-two seat configuration, so there are no middle seats.

Breeze will start taking delivery of 60 brand new Airbus A220 aircraft, beginning in October and delivering at about one per month for five years. The A220 routes, which will be announced in the fall, all will be longer than two hours’ flight time. The A220s will include a premium cabin, called ‘Nicest’ seating, in a two-by-two configuration at the front of the plane. The remainder of the aircraft will feature a two-by-three seat configuration.

The Route Network

From Tampa Bay

Breeze will inaugurate service on 10 routes, most of which are currently not served:
-Charleston, SC (starting May 27);
-Louisville, KY (May 28);
-Tulsa, OK; (June 4);
-Norfolk, VA (June 10);
-Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR (June 17);
-Akron/Canton, OH (June 26);
-Oklahoma City, OK (July 1);
-Columbus, OH (July 3);
-Huntsville, AL (July 22); and
-Richmond, VA (July 22).

From Charleston
Breeze will inaugurate service to 11 markets, most of which are currently not served:
-Hartford, CT (starting May 27);
-Tampa, FL (May 27);
-Louisville, KY (May 28);
-Norfolk, VA; (June 10);
-Akron/Canton, OH (July 8);
-Columbus, OH (July 8);
-New Orleans, LA (July 8);
-Pittsburgh, PA (July 8);
-Richmond, VA (July 8);
-Huntsville, AL (July 15); and
-Providence, RI (July 22).

From Norfolk
Breeze will inaugurate service on 7 routes, 6 are currently not served:
-Charleston, SC (starting June 10);
-Tampa, FL (June 10);
-New Orleans, LA (July 15);
-Columbus, OH (July 22);
-Hartford, CT (July 22);
-Pittsburgh, PA (July 22); and
-Providence, RI. (July 29).

From New Orleans
Breeze will inaugurate service to 10 markets, most of which are currently not served:
-Charleston, SC (starting July 8);
-Akron/Canton, OH (July 15);
-Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR (July 15);
-Huntsville, AL (July 15);
-Louisville, KY (July 15);
-Norfolk, VA (July 15);
-Oklahoma, OK (July 15);
-Richmond, VA (July 15);
-Tulsa, OK (July 15); and
-Columbus, OH (July 16).

The Nice Fare is the airline’s most affordable fare starting at $39 one-way and includes a personal item, such as a backpack or purse. You can select a seat assignment and add bags to your reservation for an additional cost. If no seat is selected, then one will be assigned at no cost during check-in. The Nice seat pitch is 29 inches on the E-190 aircraft and 31 inches on the E-195s. A Nice Fare can be paired with a Nicer Seat for an additional cost. All Nice Fares receive two percent in BreezePoints.

The Nicer Fare includes an extra legroom seat assignment, a personal item, carry-on bag (overhead bin), one checked bag, a complimentary drink and snack, and priority boarding. The Nicer seat pitch is between 33 and 39 inches on the E-190s, depending on the row selected, and between 34 and 39 inches on the E-195s. All Nicer Fares receive four percent in BreezePoints.

TSA PreCheck Qualified 
Breeze Airways has already been added to the TSA’s PreCheck program for guests from day one.

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