Best Jobs in the WorldHave you ever wondered what the best job in the world is?  Some folks in Australia think there are six jobs that qualify, and they’re all in Australia.  In fact, Tourism Australia is so confident about it that they’re having a competition to decide who will get to be the six lucky employees.

The six ‘Best Jobs in the World’ each come with an attractive six month salary package worth A$100,000 including living costs and are:

  • Chief Funster (New South Wales)
  • Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory) 
  • Park Ranger (Queensland)
  • Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)
  • Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne)
  • Taste Master (Western Australia)

The competition was unveiled today in Cairns, one of the country’s most popular destinations amongst young travellers, by the Federal Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson AM MP, alongside Ben Southall who was the winner of Tourism Queensland’s highly successful “Best Job in the World” campaign in 2009.

 The “Best Jobs in the World” initiative is open to all travellers worldwide. Final deadline for the first round is 9:00 pm AEST April 10, 2013 (7:00 am PST, April 9, 2013).

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said the competition provided an excellent platform to entice more young people from around the world to come to Australia to holiday and work.

“We’ve taken one of the most successful tourism campaigns in recent times – “Best Job in the World” – and made it bigger and better by coming up with a competition which represents the very best of our country – our breath-taking landscapes and scenery, our unique nature and wildlife, great food and wine and, of course, our huge sense of fun,” Mr McEvoy said.

Ben Southall added: “A few years ago I won “The Best Job in the World” – being an Island Caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately for me, my time is up. But luckily for the world ‘The Best Job in the World’ is back. This time there’s not one, but six amazing jobs in Australia up for grabs.”

Jane Whitehead, Tourism Australia Vice President, Americas added that the competition was expected to appeal to youth travellers’ sense of fun and adventure and also those seeking a gap year and international experience.

“Australia, with its quality of living, wage levels and job opportunities offers attractive options for those that want to strengthen and round out their resumes while having the time of their life experiencing a beautiful and dynamic country.”

For those who are interested in exploring work and travel opportunities beyond the competition jobs, Tourism Australia has secured industry partners to support the campaign and help make it easier for young travellers to find jobs and make travel arrangements.

Virgin Australia and STA Travel are providing travel deals and travel options. For job opportunities, recruiter has created an online ‘jobs board’, advertising temporary jobs within the Australian tourism industry that are suitable for travellers visiting the country on a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday Visa.

For further details of the campaign and competition visit Tourism Australia’s Working Holidays Facebook page,  or

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