A couple years back, we featured a travel guide put out by the team at Atlas Obscura, but the website itself is long overdue the JohnnyJet.com spotlight. Atlas Obscura, as noted in the post on that guide, is “an explorer’s guide to the world’s hidden wonders.” Its searchable catalog is jam-packed with 15,900 amazing, strange, surprising, and (often) incredibly niche things to do and see in destinations around the world. You can search by destination or navigate via the interactive map to turn up content relevant to where you’re going (or living), and you can expect to find unique travel inspiration just about every time you look for it.

When you narrow in on Vienna, for example, you’re served a list of 46 items, each with photos and context provided by a knowing traveler from the Atlas Obscura team and/or at-large community. Among those 46 items are:

  • The Viennese Clock Museum, which houses “around 1,000 clocks” in “one of the oldest homes in Vienna”
  • The Globe Museum, “the world’s only public museum dedicated solely to globes”
  • The Republic of Kugelmugel, “a spherical ‘micro-nation’ in the heart of Vienna”
  • The Cemetery of the Nameless, “the resting place for anonymous victims of the Danube’s dark waters”
  • Stock im Eisen Nail Tree, “an ancient tree trunk riddled with nails for good luck,” protected beneath glass in the middle of the city

In addition to things to see/visit, Atlas Obscura’s archive includes lists of staple foods and restaurants to try in a destination (like Salzburger nockerl in Vienna), interesting events to check out there (mostly in the U.S. for now), and original stories on world happenings and curiosities. You can even travel on Atlas Obscura-operated trips!

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