Anthony Bourdain’s genius trick for finding the best food in townLike yesterday’s tip (and Tuesday’s), today’s tip is drawn from the boundless wisdom of late travel legend Anthony Bourdain. It concerns (what else) food—and a clever way to find the go-to food stops in an unfamiliar place. From a Delish story on Bourdain:

“‘Provoke nerd fury online,’ he told Esquire. ‘Go to a number of foodie websites with discussion boards. Let’s say you’re going to Kuala Lumpur – just post on the Malaysia board that you recently returned and had the best rendang in the universe, and give the name of a place, and all these annoying foodies will bombard you with angry replies about how the place is bulls**t, and give you a better place to go.'”

Genius, right? I need to try that in my research on the next place I travel.

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3 Comments On "Anthony Bourdain’s Genius Trick for Finding the Best Food in Town"
  1. Chris|

    Genius? You’re reaching for the sake of content

    1. Pu|

      Hahah my thoughts exactly

  2. Ani|

    Yes, genius. I use a similar trick with locals in local bars and usually get good addresses:)

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