American Airlines delayed flights
On our flight from Denver to L.A. I couldn’t help but notice a huge blue tub filled with snacks (granola bars, chips and mini bottled water) next to the gate agents. One of the agents told me that American Airlines rolled this customer service policy out about six months ago for all airports (not just Denver) for flights delayed an hour or more. That’s a step in the right direction, especially since the delay wasn’t American’s fault. The inbound flight was diverted to Colorado Springs because of thunderstorms in Denver and then a passenger needed immediate medical attention.

6 Comments On "American Airlines Now Provides Snacks to Passengers on Delayed Flights"
  1. Steve Solosky|

    Granola bars, chips, and bottled water? That’s all you got, Johnny? We received sandwiches, cookies, and soft drinks on an AA delayed flight in Charlotte, NC.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Dang! Maybe they had them when they first came out but I was in the lounge.

  2. Victoria Forster|

    Wow, I’m jealous. After American cancelled my second leg of my trip last week I got nothing, just complete utter disregard for my dilemma. I was told to sleep in the airport for two days as they couldn’t get me a flight until then. When I asked if I could at least got to their lounge I got a flat out NO. After asking around I found out I could take a train from the airport into Philly and catch an Amtrak, to Penn Station and then onto LI Railroad to finally get to my destination. Which I did since I had no choice and was not offered anything from them. On the way back my flight was cancelled just yet again. As the reservation clerks were much nice at Islip Airport I wasn’t even give a voucher for food. After waiting for them to get me on another flight the next day I had to Uber to a friends house who was nice enough to take me to LaGuardia Airport. AA took my luggage and said they needed to check it. When I got to my seat the bin above me had room for my luggage. Needles to say my luggage did NOT make it to Tampa when I arrived. I did get it back two days later with a broken handle. Are you sure we at talking about the same AA?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It doesn’t sound like we are! I will ask AA execs what’s up.

      1. Victoria Forster|

        Thanks Johnny I really appreciate it.

  3. Tom Levitan|

    Delta has been doing it for a few years now — and if the delay is over a mealtime, depending on the station, will order in pizza.
    I had a major delay DCA-JFK a few months back — mainly weather. DL rolled out the snacks, including pizza at the gate and kept the DCA Sky Club open about 90 minutes late until it was time for the delayed flights to board.

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