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Face masks are an essential part of everyday life now. Whether you wear a cloth mask or a disposable one, I’m sure you’ve encountered a few challenges along the way. I know I have, as I continue to get used to wearing one and carrying it around with me. These eight face mask accessories might help to solve some of the problems you’re having by making your face mask more comfortable, more hygienic and more pleasant to wear:

1 Face Mask Lanyard
We know we’re not supposed to be touching our masks constantly but it can be difficult. And when you take it off, where do you put it? A lanyard can keep your mask safe when you take it off so that it doesn’t end up on the ground or getting dirty in your bag. They’re also great for kids. Alternatively, you can also get a face mask that already has a lanyard attached, like these ones.

2 Face Mask Bracket
Face masks can cling to your face but with a bracket or frame like this, you’ll get a bit of extra room. They make it easier to speak and breathe, prevent your lipstick from rubbing off on your mask and the product description says it can help prevent your glasses from fogging up.

3 Face Mask Carrying Case
A face mask case is just smart to have. Whenever you take yours off, you’ll have someplace clean and handy to store it. This combo comes with four cases and four lanyards.

4 Face Mask Extender
Suitable for adults and kids, a face mask extender can hold your mask in place without needing to hook straps onto your ears. So if you have problems with your face mask straps slipping off or you find they hurt your ears, this can help.

5 Face Mask Headband
If you’re wearing a mask all day long or if you’re a runner … or if you just need another option to help make your face mask more comfortable, check out these headbands. They have buttons on the sides so you can loop your mask strap around them instead of your ears. So much more comfortable.

6 Face Mask Refreshing Spray
Obviously reusable face masks need to be washed regularly to keep them clean but if you’re out and wearing one for a long time, you can give it a spray to freshen it up. This face mask refreshing spray is scented with peppermint for its calming effect and is blended with USDA Certified Organic plant based essential oils.

7 Face Mask Adjustment Buckle
Straps on your face mask too loose? Just add one of these cord buckles to fit your mask to size perfectly. These are especially great for kids’ masks.
8 Nose Bridge Strips
A nose bridge strip can really help to give your face mask a snug and secure fit but if yours doesn’t have one, you can add it yourself. These aluminum strips have an adhesive on the back to help you secure it to your mask. They’re also perfect for anyone who makes homemade face masks.

BONUS: Don’t forget anti-fog spray to prevent your glasses or sunglasses from fogging up while you’re wearing a face mask. You can use something like this anti-fog spray, which comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

2 Comments On "8 Accessories to Make Wearing Face Masks More Comfortable, More Hygienic and More Pleasant to Wear"
  1. Benesse|

    Nice suggestions but there’s also a way to achieve the same for free.

    1. Use small ziplock bags to store your masks. You can see what’s in if you have different styles or colors. They also take less room in your purse or pockets.

    2. Use nose strips from masks you are discarding. Sew them in, or super-glue them on.

    3. If the ear elastic is too long, tie a small knot OR sew in the slack on each side.

  2. TDHill|

    Great simplicity, Benesse. Love your ideas!

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