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Memorial Day weekend is around the corner and it means two things. Summer is officially here and its time to stop procrastinating and seriously contemplate the inevitable:

Do we take the pets? Do we leave them? How much are one of those pet hotels?  Would the house sitter mind looking after them too?  What if it’s too out in the house? We want to use that airline because of our flyer miles, but do they allow dogs?

Overwhelming and cumbersome as it can be, our friends over at found that 60% of us still won’t travel without our pets. And for the rest of you- no need for the separation anxiety meds just yet because traveling with your pooch can be both convenient and hassle-free.

So whether you’re traveling cross-country or jet-setting on a plane, make sure to read Tobi Skovron’s (CEO and founder of Pet Loo) tips, below, on how to keep your pet healthy and happy while by your side.

1. Check airline policies and requirements – Each airline has different policies so always check before you book a ticket. Ask the following questions: Does the airline allow you to take small animals in the cabin? If not, do they have any restrictions or blackout periods for transporting animal in the cargo cabin? Are there any pet health or immunization requirements? What type of pet carriers does the airline require? Websites like can help you research the best airlines and locate pet-friendly hotels.

2. Have your veterinarian examine your pet – Most airlines require health certificates, so having your vet do a thorough examination will allow you to gather the most up-to-date medical records and also determine if your pet will need any sedatives during travel.

3. Choose appropriate safety travel products – With the rise in pet-friendly travel safety gear, there are many different products for pet owners to choose from today. In addition to standard travel carriers, you can also find padded seat belt harnesses and booster seats for pets. Determine which products are best for your pet and mode of transportation (your veterinarian or local pet retailer can help you with this decision).

4. Prepare your pet for departure – Whether traveling by air or land, it’s best to exercise your pet a couple of hours before departure to help relax and tire them out. Additionally, don’t feed your pet at least two hours before departure. Small amounts of water can be given before the trip. If possible, put ice cubes in the water tray attached to the inside of your pet’s travel case – water will spill!

5. Portable Potties – When traveling, you might not always have immediate access to pet-friendly ‘bathroom’ facilities. If you’re taking the RV on a long road trip, or spending an afternoon aboard a boat with your furry friend, indoor pet potties like The Pet Loo offer a compact, hygienic and environmentally-friendly toilet solution. The synthetic grass used for The Pet Loo will remind your dog of the outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about training your dog to go on pee pads/newspaper (or stocking up on them before your trip). In addition to reducing waste and airborne odors associated with pee pads/newspaper, The Pet Loo uses a revolutionary Pee-Pod which absorbs urine and turns it into a solidified gel, allowing The Pet Loo to hold at least 100 times its weight in liquids and also prevent any sloshing while you’re on the go.

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3 Comments On "5 Tips On Traveling With Your Pet This Summer"
  1. JP|

    I had a pet that died in an intercontinetal flight due to stress and the bad atention from the flight company. No one responded for that. Take care their pets when considering making long trips with them, they are so fragile (dogs and cats specially) and were not made to travel by plane.

  2. JDB|

    All pet lovers should know the airline rules and policy before taking their pets to airport. They should get proper instructions from airport authority to take pet animals.

  3. GypsyGirl|

    Three great resources for pet travel are: (lists dog friendly hotels, tours, and parks word wide) (has tons of great tips, including bi-lingual pet passports) (dog friendly holidays and flights)

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