bag-featured1. Onsight Diamond Activity Bag ($71)
Here’s a good-looking duffel bag that’s environmentally friendly and toxin-free. It’s made with Cotec EPO fabric. It’s called “diamond” because it’s designed with a custom-stitched diamond pattern. What travelers will also love about it is that it also includes a waterproof pocket to separate wet and dirty clothes. The removable shoulder strap and hand hoops are well-padded for your carrying comfort and has reflective tabs and zipper pulls for nighttime safety.

Good to know: 60% to 100% of the materials used come from recycled plastic water bottles or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These materials include fabric, mesh, buckles, webbing, and zippers. Manufacturing polyester fiber from recycled materials results in 76% less energy use and 71% less CO2 emissions compared to producing polyester from virgin materials.


2. Road Warrior Carry-on Suitcase by LAT_56 Club ($449)
The other new bag that fashionable business travelers will love is the Road Warrior Carry-on Suitcase by LAT_56 Club. It’s sleek, strong, lightweight and high-quality. The durable two-wheels with patented SPS™ (Suit Packing System) allows for crease-free garments. Other internal features that travelers will love are the detachable water-resistant sealed shoe/laundry bag, a luxury lining, plenty of pockets, and detachable pouches for your underwear/socks.

There’s also an external pocket for your toiletry bag, which means you don’t need to go digging in the airport security line. What you’ll also love is that this bag is quiet and smooth. You won’t hear any handles rattling or the wheels churning on the surface. It was actually inspired by longboard skateboarding.

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