The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.
The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

I was recently in Chicago, and had the very good fortune to stay in the brand new Godfrey Hotel Chicago in the city’s River North neighborhood. I hadn’t been to the Windy City in a number of years, and was thrilled to discover a new area—and hotel!—to explore. Here are the 13 elements I loved about the Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

1. What’s in a name?
Godfrey itself means peace and welcome. How much more inviting can a hotel get?

2. Haute couture
The Godfrey’s sense of style is evident as soon as you pull up to the front door. Its cubist-influenced, industrial façade mirrors its eclectic, chic surroundings of the River North Gallery art scene. Tres chic!

Godfrey room
Godfrey room

3. So roomy!
The average standard room size at the Godfrey is 350 square feet—plenty of room to spread out!

4. Make yourself at home
Slip into your robe, brew a cup of coffee with the in-room Keurig, and luxuriate with the L’Occitane bath amenities.

5. Get out!
The Godfrey’s I|O Urban Roofscape is the city’s largest indoor/outdoor space with 15,000 square feet on the hotel’s 4th floor, boasting uninterrupted views of downtown Chicago. A retractable roof is ready to pull back when the weather’s nice, transforming nearly all of the roofscape into outdoor space.

Indoor/outdoor space at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago's I|O Roofscape
Indoor/outdoor space at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago’s I|O Roofscape

6. Dig in
I|O features delectable menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner—all created by Chef Riley Huddleston—rivaling any restaurant found in the city known for its food.

7. Cheers!
I|O’s Cocktails from the Kitchen are created by chefs using scientific measurements to ensure consistency in each and every cocktail. Try the mojito or margarita. You’ll be glad you did!

A mojito and margarita at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago's I|O Roofscape
A mojito and margarita at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago’s I|O Roofscape

8. It’s complimentary
High on travelers’ list of complaints is a lack of complimentary Wi-Fi in hotels, but that complaint doesn’t ring true at the Godfrey. Wi-Fi is free for all, as it should be!

9. You can take it with you
The Godfrey teamed with UrbanBuddy to create a virtual concierge. Simply download the app to your phone upon check-in, ask a question about anything in Chicago, and it’ll be answered within two minutes!

10. You’ve got the power
Another app to download at the Godfrey is STAYConnect. After it’s downloaded, open and select Mobile Remote. After inputting a simple code, you can use you phone to control your in-room TV, too…no need to use the remote!

11. These shoes were made for walkin’
Sitting proudly within the River North neighborhood, the Godfrey is within easy walking distance of more than 20 art galleries found just blocks away, not to mention the downtown area.

View of downtown Chicago from The Godfrey Hotel Chicago
View of downtown Chicago from the Godfrey Hotel Chicago

12. It’s elemental, my dear Watson
Before opening the hotel, the staff developed their own periodic chart, and the elements they created are noted throughout the property. Think Zz for sleep, Wf for Wi-Fi, So for social, or Li23 for cocktails (there are 23 shots in a bottle of alcohol).

13. (Not) very superstitious
Most hotels don’t have a 13th floor, but the Godfrey Hotel Chicago gives superstitions the brush off and proudly boasts Floor 13.

On your next trip to Chicago, give the new kid on the block a try—and you’ll be glad you did!

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