On Monday, I sent out my daily travel tip newsletter (you can subscribe here) within minutes of the news being leaked that the USA is finally lifting travel restrictions on international travelers.

The reason why I sent it so fast besides the fact it’s huge news for families, businesses and travelers is because I wanted warn readers that if they’re looking for low fares or a particular seat on international flights then now is the time to buy.

Flights to Europe have been at an all-time low but that’s about to change as this CNBC article points out: “Bargain hunters eager to take advantage of the relatively cheap flights might be out of luck as demand for trans-Atlantic travel rises. Round-trip flights to Europe, including the U.K., from the U.S. are going for about $565, a level not seen in its roughly five years of collecting data, said fare-tracking company Hopper.”

If you need more proof, then check out what Ben Smith, the CEO of Air France/KLM, said yesterday morning at the Skift Forum: “We are already seeing demand levels go up, particularly for the Christmas holiday period.”

This is why I’m featuring a post I update annually with 10 ways to find cheap Christmas flights. I also created one for Thanksgiving since you might as well start buying those tickets too if you’re planning on traveling this holiday season. If you, like most people, are worried about a spike in COVID-19 cases, then be sure to buy a ticket that’s either refundable or on an airline that you will use within the next year. For example, you might not want to buy a ticket on Air France or another international carrier in case you’re unable to fly that airline if travel gets restricted or borders get closed again. By buying a ticket on an American carrier, at least you’ll be able to use the travel credit on a domestic flight.

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