Yesterday, a reader named Lisa emailed me with this question: “Where is the best source of current info for Covid testing for travel? I’m going to Cabo and I understand I need a negative test to get back into the US but how about to get on Alaska Air to fly LAX to Cabo?”

It’s a great question and one I think a lot of travelers are asking.

For starters, every traveler, regardless of their nationality, now needs proof of a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to arriving into the United States. Yes, even American citizens. Here are the highlights of the CDC’s FAQ page, which explains the rules, who’s exempt and the type of tests needed.

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Now to answer Lisa’s question: I recommend going directly to the source. So in Lisa’s case, I recommend looking up the test requirements for her destination via Visit Los Cabos and of the airline she’s flying, Alaska Air.

I also highly recommend having a backup plan, like figuring out who is going to pay for your 14-day quarantine if you or a family member tests positive while away. Spoiler alert: It’s not the US government but some resorts will pay for it as well as the tests so choose wisely. Also, if you’re not going to a touristy destination frequented by Americans, make sure it’s easy to find a place to get tested and make an appointment (if needed). Don’t wait until the last day of your vacation. And I would definitely look into getting a travel insurance policy that will cover your needs.

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  1. Liz|

    We are driving to Canada leaving from our US residence early Tues. morning and arriving at the Canada/USA border crossing Thurs. morning (2 nights at hotels). When would we need to get our PCR test? We hope to do this within the next couple weeks. Thanks for your input.

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