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Back in August, I wrote that soon, travelers to Europe may need a Covid booster shot. Well, it looks like that time has come. According to Bloomberg, “The European Union will recommend a 9-month time limit for the validity of Covid-19 vaccinations for travel into the bloc and also propose prioritizing vaccinated travelers. The European Commission will propose that member states should continue welcoming all travelers inoculated with shots approved by the bloc, according to a document seen by Bloomberg. It also calls for countries to reopen as of Jan. 10 to all those who have used vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.”

First of all, shots approved by the bloc are: BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV as per the official website of the European Union.

Secondly, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because AustriaCroatia and Switzerland already had time limit specifications on what was allowed. For example, Austria and Croatia stated vaccines would only be valid for 270 days after the final dose. 270 days is 38.5 weeks or 8.8 months.

The European Union will be following Austria and Croatia’s lead as, “the proposed updates introduce the new time limit for the validity of Covid inoculations, suggesting that boosters will be needed beyond the 9-month period.”

I’m relieved it’s nine months and not six, which is what Israel implemented last month. According to the New York Times, Israel’s new vaccine requirement is, “To be considered fully vaccinated in Israel people must meet one of the following criteria: be 12 or older and have received a booster shot at least a week ago; be within six months of having received a second vaccination shot; or be within six months of having tested positive for Covid-19.”

With COVID-19 still running rampant in much of the world, I just got my booster (Moderna) at the recommendation of my doctor. I didn’t have a reaction the first two shots and I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any side effects from the booster, with the exception of an ever-so-slightly sore arm.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on ABC News said on Sunday that every vaccinated person should get boosted depending on how long it’s been since their initial shots, but those with their original vaccination protection are still considered fully vaccinated despite indications that immunity can wane.

Although you might be considered fully vaccinated in the U.S., it’s apparent you won’t be in Europe, so plan accordingly.

2 Comments On "Want to Visit Europe? You Can't Go Without This"
  1. As the scam continues|

    Yes I can believe Fauci said everybody should get a booster because if the first vaccination didn’t kill you and the second one didn’t kill you then the booster may be the one that does you in!
    So much for going to Europe! Hope everybody boycotts Europe As the scam continues

  2. Frank|

    Yes I can believe Fraudster Fauci said that because if the first vaccination didn’t kill you and the second one didn’t kill you then maybe the booster will.
    So the scam continues throughout the world hope everybody boycott Europe

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