A cool little gadget showed up in my mailbox this week called spAIR Tray. I don’t think it’s FAA-compliant but I’ve read that flight attendants allow it on their planes. It’s a clever idea for window seat passengers looking for more space.

What I like about the spAIR Tray is that it’s much more sanitary than the seatback pocket. It’s supposedly easy to install and remove: You just slide it into the window shade track. The shelf is designed for drinks and snacks and fits easily into a carry-on. It’s available for $19.95 on Amazon and has five stars.

Have you tried a spAIR Tray? What do you think? I probably won’t use mine since I’m an aisle guy but I will see if one of my friends wants it.

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  1. William Justin Robertson|

    Hello all ~ The FAA doesn’t specifically object to carry on items like the spAIRtray. As far as they are concerned, the spAIRtray is a carry-on item and they do not prohibit its use. Individual airlines write their own rules about what is allowable in the cabin. Hope this helps! Fly on and safe travels.

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