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Ever wonder what happens to all the unused toiletries that are left at hotels? We once ran a tip about one way you as a hotel guest can reduce this kind of waste. Well, as seen in the video above, a number of big hotel brands—including Hilton—have partnered with an organization called Clean the World to put their leftover and used soap to great use. The video, produced by Tech Insider, introduces Clean the World founder Shawn Seipler and his story. It then looks at how unused hotel soap from Hilton and Marriott properties ends up helping save lives around the world.

More on the good being done with used hotel soap, from YouTube:

“Clean the World is a nonprofit organization that recycles used soaps, lotions, and other toiletries from hotels. Its partners include Hilton, Marriott, and Walt Disney World Resorts, among others. Clean the World has donated over 50 million bars of recycled soap to people in need in 127 countries since its founding in 2009. The organization has had to adapt as more hotel chains move away from single-use toiletries in favor of bulk offerings.

“Hilton’s partnership with Clean the Word began in 2009, not 2019. The data presented in the video reflects the first seven months of the Clean the World Challenge — a promise to donate 1 million bars of soap by October 15, 2019 (Global Handwashing Day). Insider regrets the error.”

How used hotel soap gets recycled

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