Tie on bagRemember yesterday how I suggested photographing your bags so you know what they look like? Well, another tip my sister taught me is to tie an old tie to your luggage to make it more easily identifiable. My dad had a few old ratty ties lying around, and instead of throwing them out (they weren’t in good enough shape to donate), she uses them or parts of them to tie around the handles of checked luggage. That way they’re easy to spot—especially those typical black suitcases.



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8 Comments On "Use Old Ties to Mark Your Luggage"
  1. Tripty J|

    Nice tip

  2. Michael Alan|

    Good idea but it seems like a tie could be removed easily by workers. We always sew some kind of cloth badge or decal on our luggage to set luggage apart from all the others. We also use uniquely styled and colored luggage tags to help identify it.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good thinking!

  3. Deb Veerkamp|

    Hi Johnny and congratulations on becoming a Dad! Instead of old ties to mark our luggage, we purchase bright colored bath scrunchies, the small size that usually cost about $2-3. They have a strong rope that works well for luggage that can get some abuse.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks and great tip!

  4. Heidi|

    I was told by a Ramp Worker at Delta that Ties/Strings/Bows/Yarn and hanging items to mark your luggage is a BAD idea as sometimes it gets caught in the ramp and the process has to stop moving to untangle the luggage. He said to just mark your initials in Magic Marker on your Baggage piece itself. Decorate with Paint or something. Just don’t hang things from the straps.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Now that’s a better tip! Thank you for sharing

  5. Bette Munley|

    I also use the scrunchies. They are very colorful and easily recognizable. We receive MANY compliments from fellow passengers and porters. The Dollar Tree sells them!

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