United is now offering free and discounted CLEAR membership to MileagePlus members
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CLEAR, as we’ve written before, is a huge help if you travel often around the U.S. And starting yesterday, United MileagePlus members—and especially those with status—can get CLEAR at a discounted rate. CLEAR, which is usually $179/year, is now available at the following rates, per United:

  • MileagePlus Premier 1K status holders: Free
  • MileagePlus Premier Silver, Gold or Platinum status holders: $109/year
  • All MileagePlus members: $119/year

United U.S. cardholders can also purchase a year of CLEAR membership for $109/year. To register for discounted CLEAR membership yourself, and to see more details from United, visit this page. For a list of airports and venues where CLEAR is available.

CLEAR is also discounted for Delta SkyMiles members

As Conde Naste Traveler writes, Delta SkyMiles members are eligible for similar discounts with CLEAR:

“If you’re not a United flier, Delta Air Lines also offers a similar partnership with Clear to give its frequent fliers a discounted membership to the service. The pricing tiers are similar: free for Diamond Medallion members (the top loyalty status), $109 per year for Platinum, Gold, or Silver Medallion members, and $119 per year for all other members of Delta’s frequent flier program.”

If you’re a SkyMiles member, see more and sign up here.

More on CLEAR

It offers access to exclusive, accelerated security lines for members at more than 60 airports and venues. The company that operates it is private and certified by the Department of Homeland Security, which means it operates separately from government-operated TSA PreCheck. If you have both Global Entry/TSA PreCheck (remember that Global Entry includes PreCheck), you can use both. In fact, the services team up.

As United writes on its updated CLEAR page, once you’re a member you must first use eye or fingerprint scanners to identify yourself at the head of the CLEAR line. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can then “bypass the line to show your photo ID and travel documents to a TSA agent and go straight to the security bins instead. If you have TSA Precheck, it works together with CLEAR so both parts of the security process are streamlined.”

For more on CLEAR, TSA PreCheck and Global Entry and how they relate to one another, see this post:



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