Thanks to social media and cell phone video, there’s incredible footage of the United Airlines engine that dropped from the sky on flight 328 From Denver to Honolulu earlier today.

All 241 people onboard the plane are safe but after seeing the video of the engine on fire (or burning fuel), as the plane turned around to return to the airport, it sure was scary. On top of that, the videos and photos of the engine parts falling from the sky and landing in neighborhoods is arguably even more unsettling.

Below are some of the images and videos of the United plane in the sky and the debris falling from it.

Thank God this story has a happy ending but it will no doubt leave a lasting impression for all of those involved and probably those that weren’t. It just goes to show how safe flying really is and that the pilots were well trained.

Reuters: ‘I thought we were done’: Parts fall from sky in plane scare

3 Comments On "United Airlines Engine Debris Drops From Sky on Flight 328 From Denver to Honolulu"
  1. John Rodriguez|

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  2. Greg Schmidt|

    Why didn’t the pilot turn off the fuel to that engine?

  3. Jen R.|

    This is not a easy simple answer. Unless you are the pilot of a 777 you probably would not comprehend. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

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