United Airlines has just debuted a new onboard safety video where more than a dozen of their employees provide easy-to-follow demonstrations of critical safety procedures.

According to United Airlines, the video (embedded below) “was filmed inside a life-sized, airplane-inspired sequential reaction machine, with a creative concept designed to capture and keep the attention of even the most frequent fliers.”

YouTube video

Maggie Schmerin, United’s Chief Advertising Officer, says,”the safest safety video is one that passengers actively watch. We worked across the airline to ensure our new safety video clearly and succinctly communicates critical information in a way passengers can’t help but watch – no matter their age, background or experience traveling.”

Here are some interesting facts about the video:

-There are 171 customized versions of the safety video to accommodate United’s 8 different aircraft types, 20 various seat configurations on those aircraft and 18 languages.

-It was ten months in the making – Creative development on the new video began in June 2023; filming took place in October 2023 and then the team spent the next five months on edits and translations before the March 2023 FAA approval.

-There are 12 individual contraptions the ball passes through in the machine.

-The video showcases 17 employees from across the airline, including flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents, ramp service, tech operations, the network operations center and reservations.

-The video involves more than 1,000 real dominoes.

-The video features a 100-year old song, “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin, that’s been a consistent feature in United safety videos over the years.

See below for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of United’s new safety video.

YouTube video


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