SFStay Away from SFO this Summer During Peak Times
I’ve already warned you about construction delays this summer at Newark Airport. Well, you can now add San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to the “avoid if you can” list since two of the airport’s four runways are closed for the whole summer! If you’re headed to the Bay Area, consider arriving/departing during off-peak times or as my colleague Joe Brancatelli suggests, utilizing alternate airports such as Oakland or San Jose.

For reference, here’s a list of domestic alternate airports that I put together.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Stay Away from SFO this Summer During Peak Times"
  1. Anonymous|

    Yes, we experienced Newark earlier this past May. Delays. They also have a system of shuttles. If you stay overnight at a local hotel, the shuttles don’t drop you off or pick you up at your airline. A shuttle drops you off at a shuttle station, then you have to wait for a different shuttle to take you to your hotel bus. Plan on extra time when getting to the airport from your hotel as the hotel bus drops you off at the station, then you have to wait for a shuttle to take you to your airline terminal. We had an early flight, but the hotel shuttle didn’t operate until 5:30 am, we spent 45 minutes with shuttles. After standing in security lines, we almost missed our 7:00am flight.

  2. Nancy Reid|

    FLL only has one runway opened in Fort Lauderdale and lots of road construction as they add another runway. Love the new terminal in San Diego especially the seating with charging stations build right in.

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